Gauge Z - Article No. 87286

Set with 4 Passenger Cars.

Prototype: 3 entertainment cars and 1 vista dome car painted and lettered for the firm International Apfelpfeil Organization (IAO), former German Federal Railroad type UIC-x compartment cars for TEE service.

Set with 4 Passenger Cars.
Set with 4 Passenger Cars.

Most Important Facts

Article No.87286
Gauge / Design type Z / 1:220
KindPassenger Car Sets
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  • Product description

    Model: The cars come with different paint schemes and car numbers. They have dark nickel plated wheel sets.
    Total length over the buffers 489 mm / 19-1/4".

    The model of the class 110.3 locomotive (item no. 88410) goes well with this set.

    One-time series in 2005 for the Märklin "Exclusiv" Program.

  • Publications

    - MHI Exclusive 02/2005 - Product programme 2006
  • Prototype information

    In the 1970s, the International Apfelpfeil Organization (IAO) instituted the so-called "Apfelfahrten" or "Apple Trips", nostalgic trips with special trains across Europe. In 1976, the IAO acquired the famous "Rheingold" vista dome cars and other cars in the TEE pool of cars from the German Federal Railroad. For several years these striking trains in the friendly "Apfelpfeil" design were a brand name for travel at affordable prices that was comfortable and animated. This concept could not be maintained economically later on in the face of increasing competition from single-price trips with charter flights. In 1979, IAO had to stop the operation and declare bankruptcy. The special cars were sold to another trip organizer, who rebuilt them partially and still operates them today.


ATTENTION: not for children under 3 years