Reihe S3/6 DRG | Gauge Z - Article No. 81426

Train Set.

Prototype: 1 German State Railroad Company (DRG) class S 3/6 express locomotive with a tender, Bavarian Group Administration. 1 type SPw4ü-28 baggage car, 1 type SA4ü-28 salon car, 1 type SA4ük-28 salon car, 1 type SB4ü-28 salon car, 1 type SB4ük-28 salon car, 1 type SPw4ü-28 baggage car.

Train Set.
Train Set.

Most Important Facts

Article No.81426
Gauge / Design type Z / 1:220
KindTrain Sets
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  • Product description

    Model: The locomotive comes with a 5-pole motor. All driving axles powered. These models are not available separately. Train length 730 mm / 28-3/4".

  • Publications

    - Product programme 2002 / 2003 - Product programme 2003/2004 - Product programme 2005 - Product programme 2006
  • Prototype information

    Long before the TEE and ICE, the "Rheingold" was considered as the symbol of a modern, luxurious, long distance passenger train. According to advertising for the German State Railroad, it linked the North Sea and the Alps together. The European Schedule and Car Provision Conference of October 1927 in Prague was probably the birth date of the "Rheingold". There the decision was made to set up an express train connection from Amsterdam/Hook of Holland to Basle. The first scheduled run for this train then took place on May 15, 1928. This Z train reproduces an authentic train composition from this time. According to the regulations in effect at that time, no passenger car could be coupled directly behind the locomotive, and a baggage car was therefore placed in the train between it and the other cars. A baggage car was placed at both ends of the train to avoid time-consuming switching maneuvers at the end stations. Only the locomotive had to be placed at the front of the train in each case.


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