Gauge Z - Article No. 89205

"Hunt'sche" Large Coaling Station.

Prototype: "Hunt'sche" large coaling station based on the prototype in Saarbrücken, Germany. Almost identical coaling stations of this type also existed in Munich and Vienna.

"Hunt'sche" Large Coaling Station.
Article No.89205
Design type1:220
Article not produced anymore.


  • Can be used for modeling Era I and later.
  • Detailed construction.
  • An impressive attention-getter on any layout.
  • Z track included.

Product description

Model: Professional quality model of the "Hunt'sche" large coaling station in Saarbrücken, Germany with all of the parts as a finished model. The parts for the steel framework, the handrails, grab irons, and the walkways are laser-cut precisely from special architectural quality, hard finish card stock. The steps are made of ABS plastic. The underside is cast in plastic. The coaling station has working lamps that are already assembled. All of the parts are already finished in a realistic basic color, but they can easily be weathered and painted further. Dimensions of the finished model approximately: length 218 mm / 9", width 118 mm / 5", height 86.9 mm / 4".


- Product programme 2009/2010


1Era 1
2Era 2
3Era 3


ATTENTION: not for children under 3 years