BR 61, DB | Gauge Z - Article No. 88610

Streamlined Steam Locomotive.

Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) class 61 express tank locomotive with streamlining.

Streamlined Steam Locomotive.
Article No. 88610
Gauge Z
Design type 1:220
Kind Steam Locomotives
Article not produced anymore.

Product description

Model: The locomotive has all driving axles powered. The wheel treads are dark nickel plated. The headlights are maintenance-free LEDs. A Scharfenberg coupler is indicated at both ends of the locomotive; below it is the regular Z Gauge coupler. Length over the buffers 85 mm / 3-3/8".


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Prototype information

The Class 61. In 1935, the locomotive builder Henschel delivered a tank locomotive with streamlining and a 4-6-4T wheel arrangement to the German State Railroad Company (DRG). This unit had a top speed of 175 km/h / 109 mph, driving wheels with a diameter of 2,300 mm / 90-9/16" and was painted in an elegant two-color scheme of cream and violet. It was used on the route between Berlin and Dresden with specially built cars (Henschel-Wegman train). The two-cylinder running gear caused problems in express service, however, and the DRG therefore purchased road number 61 002 in 1939, a three-cylinder steam locomotive with a 4-6-6T wheel arrangement. This unit has essentially better running characteristics and fewer weaknesses showed up in operation than road number 61 001. During World War II, both of these units were hardly used. Road number 61 001 was restored after the war to running condition by the German Federal Railroad, but it was used infrequently in lower classes of service with reduced streamlining and a standard black and red paint scheme. It was taken out of service relatively soon and was scrapped. Road number 61 002 remained with the German State Railroad of East Germany and was overhauled after the war. It was stationed at the DR's experimental facility in Halle as road number 18 201.


) Metal frame and locomotive body.
g Locomotive with 5-pole motor.
F Triple headlights at the front.
3 Era 3


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