Gauge Z - Article No. 82540

Swiss Sugar Beet Harvest Car Set

Prototype: 5 Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) type EANOS high-side gondolas. Use: moisture-sensitive freight, sugar beets here. Sugar beet loading facility at Behringen, Germany.

Swiss Sugar Beet Harvest Car Set
Article No. 82540
Gauge Z
Design type 1:220
Era VI
Kind Freight Car Sets
Article not produced anymore.


  • New tooling for the car type.
  • All of the cars are custom lettered and include a "sugar beets" load insert.
  • Partially separately applied details.
  • Architectural quality kit of a sugar beet loading facility included.

Product description

Model: The car type is completely new tooling. The car bodies are made of plastic and are finely detailed and imprinted. They are also prototypically lettered. The cars have a prototypical partially separately applied brake handle and air tank. They also have type Y 25 trucks with a close coupler. Length over the buffers approximately 420 mm / 16-1/2". Included with the cars is a model building kit for the "Behringen" sugar beet loading facility. This model is finely laser-cut in architectural quality cardstock and will captivate you with perfect fit and prototypical realism. Dimensions without the base plate in mm / inches: L: 77 mm / 3" x W: 14 mm / 9/16" x H: 29 mm / 1-1/8".


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8 Era 6
Y ATTENTION: adults only


ATTENTION: adults only