Gauge H0 - Article No. 76515

Remote Controlled Rotary Crane

Prototype: Stationary gantry crane. Mainly used at industrial, harbor and other freight loading/unloading locations.

Remote Controlled Rotary Crane
Article No.76515
Design type1:87
Article not produced anymore.


  • Easy-to-use digital control.
  • Miniature motors to power the mechanical functions.
  • Work light and interior lighting can be controlled digitally.
  • Working gripper included with the crane, connections for an electro-magnet (not included).

Product description

Model: The gantry crane comes with a digital decoder and remote-controlled working functions. It has a metal base with 2 M5 threaded holes for driving screws in from below. The crane's base and boom are detailed and extensive in their representation of the support structure. The crane cab has finely detailed modeling of built-up boards with inset windows and lighting. 2 miniature motors are used to turn the crane 360° and for the cable winch to raise and lower the metal hook. The boom is adjustable and has a lighted work light. There are connections for the working gripper included with the crane or for an electro-magnet that can be installed on the crane. Base dimensions 100 x 100 mm / 3-15/16" x 3-15/16", height approximately 270 mm / 10-5/8".


The 76515 crane can be controlled with the wireless controller and receiver from the 76500 crane. The electro-magnet for use with this crane is available as a spare part under item no. E312387.


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dDigital decoder with additional, digitally controlled functions (f1, f2, f3 or f4) when operated with the 6021 Control Unit. The functions present depend on how the locomotive is equipped. Standard function (function) active during conventional operation.
ASingle headlight at the front.
kBuilt-in interior lighting.
3Era 3
4Era 4
5Era 5
bDigital locomotives or digital device for the Märklin Digital System (Motorola format).


ATTENTION: adults only
Control UnitMobile StationMobile Station 2Central Station 1/2Central Station 3/2
Special Function XXXXX
Light Function XXXXX
Raiser/Lower Crane Hook XXXXX
Special Function XXXXX
Interior lights XXXXX