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Märklin Soldering Station Set.

Märklin Soldering Station Set.
Article No. 70910
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Kind Miscellaneous
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  • 48 watts heating capacity.
  • Soldering temperature 150°C to 450°C.
  • 3 temperatures can be preprogrammed.
  • Multi-function display.

Product description

Programmable soldering station with a powerful 48 watt soldering iron and a holder stand with a sponge. The processor provides the actual value by means of the built-in temperature sensor and controls the output. The temperature is adjusted with the up/down button; up to 3 temperatures can be preprogrammed and called up with buttons. The unit has constant temperature control. A liquid crystal multi-function display gives you an overview of the temperature programmed into the unit, the actual temperature, and the heat output supplied. Adjustable stand-by/auto-power-off function.


Technical Data: Soldering temperature 150°C to 450°C. Dispersal 1°C. Soldering iron 24 volts / 48 watts. Input voltage 230 volts / 50 Hz / 70 VA. Note: In the USA and Canada, please see the Weller brand for similar 120 volt versions of this soldering station.


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ATTENTION: not for children under 3 years