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100 Volt Transformer. 32 VA.

100 Volt Transformer. 32 VA.
Article No.6645
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Product description

The track voltage can be adjusted between 4 and 16 volts. The accessory voltage is 16 volts. Plastic housing. Dimensions 140 x 120 x 80 cm / 5-1/2" x 4-3/4" x 3-1/8". VDE tested. The 32 VA transformers (6647, 6646 and 6645) are only to be used indoors when operating a Märklin 1 Gauge layout.


Tested for Safety. We can only guarantee trouble-free operation of our trains with original Märklin transformers. These transformers must be protected from moisture and are not approved for outdoor use. These transformers are to be connected only to AC power. Please also read the operating instructions for these components. Multi-Train Operation with Separate Power Circuits. In conventional train operation, if several trains are to be operated independently of each other, the layout is divided into several power circuits. A transformer and at least one feeder track are assigned to each power circuit and each circuit is easily separated from other power circuits with center conductor insulators (74030, 5022, or 7522). In the Märklin H0 system running rails have the same polarity everywhere on a layout and do not need to be interrupted. Power circuits can be closed routes like most main lines or other areas of track with their own operation. Examples of the latter would be branch lines, station areas, storage sidings, switch yards, or railroad maintenance facilities. In this way you can control individual locomotives for specific purposes simultaneously with fully automatic route operations. As a rule catenary for electrified routes is connected to its own transformer as an additional power circuit. This allows you to control locomotives used in catenary operation independently of locomotives or rail cars powered from the track. Catenary power circuits can be separated from each other with the 70221 (7022 in the old catenary system) contact wire interrupter. Power Consumption of Locomotives and Accessories. The output indicated on the transformer (in VA) is available for the power consumption of all users in the power circuit. Some sample calculations for power consumption: Smaller locomotives with a load (example: 30000) require about 9 VA, larger locomotives (example: 33803) about 12 VA. The power consumption for train lighting depends on the light bulbs being used and is usually less than 2 VA per car. After subtracting the output required by trains, the remaining reserve can be used at the accessory outputs for electric accessories. Here, light bulbs consume between 0.5 and 1 VA (see the table "Light Bulbs for Accessories") and turnout or signal mechanisms require about 6 VA at the moment they are activated. Additional electric accessories should be connected to an additional accessory transformer.

International Versions: 6647 230 volts. 6646 120 volts. 6645 100 volts.


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ATTENTION: not for children under 3 years