Gauge H0 - Article No. 4867

Heavy Duty Flat Car.

Prototype: German State Railroad Company (DRG) type SSym "Köln".

Heavy Duty Flat Car.
Article No.4867
Design type1:87
KindFreight Cars
Article not produced anymore.

Product description

Model: The car has heavy duty trucks. Length over the buffers 15.2 cm / 6". DC wheel set 6 x 700580.


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Prototype information

In 1942 rolling stock for the heaviest of loads was built parallel to the class 52 locomotives as part of the immense procurement program brought about by military requirements. One result was the six-axle flat car, later classified by the DB as SSym 46. This car had an empty weight of approximately 21.6 metric tons and a loaded weight of up to 80 metric tons, and could be operated at a maximum speed of 80 km/h or about 50 mph. After the war this car class was used, among other things, for transporting dredging equipment and large construction machines as well as for logs, steel products, pre-cast concrete construction parts, and many other heavy, one-piece loads.


=Metal car frame.
UMärklin close couplers in standard pocket with guide mechanism.
2Era 2


ATTENTION: not for children under 3 years