Gauge H0 - Article No. 47324

Type Ibblps 379 Refrigerator Car

Prototype: Type Ibblps 379 two-axle refrigerator car with insulated, smooth side walls and an ice hatch with an icing platform at one end of the car. Privately owned car for the firm Union Deutsche Lebensmittelwerke GmbH / Union of German Food Processors, Inc., branch location in Mannheim, Germany, used on the German Federal Railroad (DB). The car looks as it did around 1973.

Type Ibblps 379 Refrigerator Car
Article No.47324
Design type1:87
KindFreight Cars
Article not produced anymore.

Product description

Model: One end of the car has an ice hatch and icing platform. Length over the buffers 16.2 cm / 6-3/8". DC wheel set E700580.


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UMärklin close couplers in standard pocket with guide mechanism.
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ATTENTION: adults only