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Märklin Start up - "Mandala" Freight Car Set

The Mirror Desert is a dangerous place. Jim, Lukas, and Emma must not only brave sand and heat but also the Fata Morgana, who wants to lure them to their doom with her illusions. Fortunately, Mr. Tur Tur is still there, a friendly fellow who looks as big as a giant in the distance but gets smaller and smaller the closer you come to him.

Märklin Start up - "Mandala" Freight Car Set
Article No.44816
Design type1:87
KindFreight Car Sets
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  • All of the cars include image imprinting to go with the movie.
  • Each car includes a cutout sheet of the 3 movie characters.
  • Relex couplers for fast and easy coupling.

Product description

Couple the three gondolas to Emma and take Ping Pong, Princess Li Si, and Mr. Tur Tur along on your trip. All three cars have individual image imprinting and the cutout sheets provide even more play fun.


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The trip begins ... start the trip with the cars and the movie characters belonging to them and start your adventure for the theme "Jim Button and Luke the engin driver". The 44815 and 44817 car sets have additional, unique car designs and more movie characters for you to discover.


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ATTENTION: not for children under 3 years
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