Re 6/6, Re 4/4 II, SBB | Gauge H0 - Article No. 37320

"Re 10/10" Electric Locomotive Double Motive Power Consist.

Prototype: Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) Re 10/10 double multiple unit locomotive consist, one each class Re 6/6 electric locomotive with the city coat-of-arms for "Bischofszell" and a class Re 4/4 II electric locomotive. Used mainly on the Gotthard route for long, heavy freight trains. The locomotives look as they did around 1980.

"Re 10/10" Electric Locomotive Double Motive Power Consist.
Article No.37320
Design type1:87
KindElectric Locomotives
Article not produced anymore.


  • New tooling for the class Re 6/6.
  • Metal frame and body.
  • mfx decoder with sound functions that can be controlled digitally.
  • Impressive, prototypical double unit consist.

Product description

Model: Both locomotives have mfx digital decoders, and the Re 6/6 also comes from the factory with sound functions that can be turned on and off. Both locomotives have controlled high-efficiency propulsion. 2 axles powered on each locomotive. Traction tires. The headlights change over with the direction of travel, have the Swiss headlight / marker light code (triple headlights / 1 white maker light), will work in conventional operation, and can be controlled digitally. The lighting is maintenance-free, warm white LEDs. The locomotives have separately applied metal grab irons. The couplers can be replaced by detailed end skirting. Minimum radius for operation 360 mm / 14-3/16". Total length over the buffers 39.4 cm / 15-1/2".


Available starting in 2010.


- New items brochure 2009 - Product programme 2009/2010 - New items brochure 2010 - Product programme 2010/2011

Prototype information

The Re 10/10 – Double Pack on the Gotthard. Transporting freight over the Gotthard route has always represented on of the greatest challenges to the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB). One of the most remarkable solutions in recent years has been the introduction of the Re 10/10 double unit motive power consist. This is not an immense locomotive but the use of a Re 6/6 and a Re 4/4 II or Re 4/4 III in pairs. Such a tandem motive power combination transports the maximum train load of 1,300 metric tons over the 2.6k% grades on the Gotthard route. An additional pusher locomotive must be used for trains up to 1,600 metric tons, since otherwise the coupling hooks on the train's cars would no longer stand the load. The two locomotives are controlled from the engineer's cab at the front by means of multiple unit control systems. The main area of use for this power package is the Gotthard route, but it is also employed on other steeply graded routes in the Swiss Confederation.


)Metal frame and locomotive body.
cDigital locomotives with high-efficiency propulsion. Maximum speed and acceleration / delay are adjustable. Special motor with electronically enhanced load compensation or a compact bellshaped armature. Can be operated with Märklin transformers, in the Märklin Delta system or in the Märklin Digital system. One controllable auxiliary function (function), when the locomotive is being run in the Digital system.
eDigital decoder with up to 32 digitally controlled functions. The quantity depends on the controller being used.
hBuilt-in sound effects circuit.
PTriple headlights and a white marker light that change over with the direction of travel.
iPower supply can be switched to operated from catenary.
TMärklin close couplers in standard pocket with pivot point.
4Era 4


ATTENTION: not for children under 3 years
Control UnitMobile StationMobile Station 2Central Station 1/2Central Station 3/2
Headlight(s) XXXXX
Blower motors XXXXX
Locomotive whistle XXXXX
Direct control XXXXX
Headlight(s): Cab2 End XXXX
Headlight(s): Cab1 End XXXX
Headlight(s) XXXXX
Direct control XXXXX
Headlight(s): Cab2 End XXXX
Headlight(s): Cab1 End XXXX