Serie 4000 | Gauge H0 - Article No. 26538

Commuter Train from Luxembourg: Electric Locomotive with 3 Bi-Level Cars.

Prototype: Luxembourg State Railways (CFL) class 4000 general-purpose locomotive. Dual system locomotive with 4 pantographs. The locomotive is based on the German class 185. 2 commuter cars, 2nd class, and 1 commuter car, 1st and 2nd class.

Commuter Train from Luxembourg: Electric Locomotive with 3 Bi-Level Cars.
Article No.26538
Design type1:87
KindTrain Sets
Article not produced anymore.

Product description

Model: The locomotive is constructed of metal with many cast-in details. The total design of the locomotive is ideal for model railroad operation. The locomotive has a digital decoder and a special can motor. 4 axles powered through cardan shafts. 2 traction tires. The headlights are LED's, they will work in conventional operation, and can be controlled digitally. 4 pantographs that can be raised and lowered (they are not wired to take power from catenary). All 3 passenger cars come in the latest paint scheme and have different car numbers. Total length over the buffers 102.4 cm / 40-5/16".


- Product programme 2007/2008 - New items brochure 2007

Prototype information

How Close Is Luxembourg? The relatively small area of the country and the intensive economic integration with Lorraine in France, Saarland and the Rhenish Palatinate in Germany, and Wallonie in Belgium have resulted in the fact that commuter service for Luxembourg now means for the most part international service. The CFL's trains are coordinated with the neighboring DB, SNCF, and SNCB/NMBS railroads, often even jointly operated. The class 4000 locomotives from the TRAXX family of motive power were initially leased and then bought, and they are ideal as electric cross-border locomotives for this special set of railroad service relationships.


)Metal frame and locomotive body.
dDigital decoder with additional, digitally controlled functions (f1, f2, f3 or f4) when operated with the 6021 Control Unit. The functions present depend on how the locomotive is equipped. Standard function (function) active during conventional operation.
HTriple headlights that change over with the direction of travel.
TMärklin close couplers in standard pocket with pivot point.
UMärklin close couplers in standard pocket with guide mechanism.
5Era 5
bDigital locomotives or digital device for the Märklin Digital System (Motorola format).


ATTENTION: not for children under 3 years
Control UnitMobile StationMobile Station 2Central Station 1/2Central Station 3/2
Headlight(s) XXXXX
Direct control XXXXX