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The DELTA system is, practically speaking, the little brother of the Märklin Digital system. The DELTA system focuses on the functionality of a starter set and in the simpler operations of an electric train. Thus, the number of addresses that can be selected is limited to 4 instead of the 80 addresses possible with Digital. Solenoid-activated accessories such as turnouts or signals cannot be addressed in the DELTA system as they are in the Digital system with accessory decoders, and the auxiliary functions found in the locomotive can likewise be used only in the digital system. The control unit for the DELTA system is a hand controller or the train control transformer, while in the Digital system there is a complete series of different control components available for different purposes.

The DELTA system is therefore the more appropriate entry into multi-train control for small to medium size layouts. Four locomotive addresses are usually sufficient for getting started, and the number of solenoid accessories required on medium sized layouts does not really require Digital control with route selection and block operation. You can easily move over to the Digital system later since the DELTA decoders can be used with Digital with no alterations, and the DELTA Control can be used as a booster unit in the Digital system.

What's the difference between the DELTA Control and the DELTA Station?

What does it take to get started in DELTA?

How do you set addresses on DELTA?

What do I need to move from DELTA to Digital operation?

Can I run DC locos with DELTA decoders?

Can a function be added to DELTA decoders?


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