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TRC >> Comparison of Märklin Digital and DELTA

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DELTA Digital
Number of locomotives addresses 4 with DELTA Station
5 with DELTA Control
Up to 5 controllable functions in locomotives or cars NO YES
Turnouts controlled conventionally YES (the only option) YES (and digital control also)
Control components for operating a locomotive Train control transformer or DELTA Pilot (6605) with DELTA Control (6604).
Up to 4 DELTA decoders (6603 or 65853 Maxi) can be assigned to a DELTA Station (6607).
Control Unit (6021), Control 80f (6036), Interface (605 and a computer)
Control Components for operating solenoid accessories 7072, 7271 or 7272 Control Box Keyboard (6040), Memory (6043), Interface (6051)
Maximum power output 30 VA with DELTA Control
42 VA with DELTA Station
Note: 1 VA is approximately 1 watt)
Practically unlimited with any number of Boosters (6017) required. Each power unit (Booster or Control Unit) delivers up to 42 VA of power
Usable locomotive decoders 6603 DELTA HO decoder. All Digital HO and I Gauge decoders for the Motorola format (note: the auxiliary function on Digital decoders will be off with the Controller and on with the Station 6603 DELTA HO decoder
6080 HO decoder
6090 HO decoder
6081 HO decoder (DC motors)
65853 Maxi decoders
6090 1 Gauge decoders
86095 2-motor 1 Gauge decoders
Usable solenoid accessories Not applicable 6083 turnout decoder
6084 circuit decoder
6073 decoder for installation in M track turnouts


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