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Digital Multi-Train Control

When Märklin introduced the first clockwork railroad at the Leipzig Fair in 1891, a legacy of innovation and excellence was established. Over the years Märklin has continued this tradition by bringing the finest quality and most technologically advanced products to the marketplace. Märklin was the first major model train manufacturer to recognize the interest in prototypical multi-train operation. This led to the development of Märklin's multi-train control systems - Digital and DELTA.

Since the introduction in 1986 of the Digital system in the U.S.A., sales of multi-train control products has risen dramatically. Märklin's state-of-the-art system allows simultaneous operation of up to 80 locomotives and 256 solenoid accessories all on the same layout. This makes operating model trains more fun and realistic! In 1992, Märklin added a new dimension to HO starter sets and entry level operation with the introduction of the DELTA multi-train control system. With DELTA you can operate four or five trains simultaneously and independently on a layout. The DELTA components have been discontinued; however, there are still many enthusiasts using the DELTA system, therefore you can still find information about DELTA on our website.

Although Digital systems can be used to operate trains produced by other manufacturers, the system is designed to easily combine with Märklin's HO and 1 Gauge trains for prototypical multi-train operation on the layout. Our comprehensive multi-train control system allows easy entry for the beginner or total command control for the advanced layout operator. Let Märklin's Digital bring realism to your model railroad.

For complete Digital and DELTA information, see our Technical Resource Center.

Join the fun, join the Digital Club.


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